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We're Passionate About Bringing Pappas Iconic Greek Pan Pizza to White Plains NY

We are offering take-out only at the Pappas Pizza White Plains location. Call now.

About Pappas Pizza

We are a family that stays true to our original recipe

Pizza has gone from an obscure ethnic dish to becoming a mainstay of the American dining scene.

But what hasn’t changed at Pappas is the family’s commitment to the tradition of food quality and providing the community with the best service since 1960.

Our brand new Pappas Pizza White Plains location is offering our famous Greek pan pizza, gourmet pizza, starters, appetizers, wedges, hot wings, salads, and desserts for takeout only. 

We are located in the heart of Downtown White Plains NY.

All Time Special

Free Cheese Pizza With
Any Order of 5 Pizzas

*Cannot be combined with any other offers or specials.
All 5 pizzas must be ordered at once.

Checkout the Menu

10 " Pan Pizza

  • Cheese Pizza $9.50
  • Cheese Calzone $9.50
  • Extra cheese $2.00
  • Toppings $1.50 each

    Pepperoni / Sausage / Ham / Bacon / Hamburger / Mushrooms / Fresh Tomato / Onions / Green Peppers / Stingers / Broccoli / Spinach / Eggplant Cutlet / Roasted Red Peppers / Pineapple / Hot Cherry Peppers / Jalapeno Peppers / Fresh Garlic / Black Olives / Kalamata Olives / Ranch / Chicken Cutlet / Feta Cheese / Anchovies / Clams / Fresh Mozzarella / Ricotta / Hot Oil

Gourmet Pizza

  • Special $14.50

    sausage, pepperoni, hamburger, mushrooms, onions, pepper

  • Margarita $14.50

    tomato sauce, basil, garlic, fresh mozzarella

  • Hot Oil $14.50

    olive oil infused with serrano peppers

  • Buffalo $14.50

    chicken cut tossed buffalo sauce

  • BBQ $14.50

    chicken cut tossed BBQ sauce

  • Tropical heat $14.50

    bacon, pineapple, hot cherry peppers

  • Hawaiian $14.50

    ham, pineapple

  • White $14.50

    ricotta cheese, pizza cheese, fresh garlic

  • Vegetable $14.50

    spinach, mushroom, onions, peppers

Jumbo Wings

Parmesan Garlic
Sweet Chili Honeyhot
Simple Fried


  • Mozzarella Sticks $9.50

    with marinara sauce

  • Chicken fingers $10.50

    with honey mustard

  • Jalapeno Poppers $10.50

    with ranch

  • Onion Rings $6.50
  • French Fries $5.50
  • Cheese Fries $7.50


  • Meatball Marinara $9.50

    sauce only

  • Meatball Parm $10.50

    With cheese and sauce

  • Chicken Marinara $9.50

    sauce only

  • Chicken Parm $10.50

    With sauce and cheese


  • Tossed Salad $8.50
  • Greek Salad $11.50
  • With Anchovies extra $3.00
  • Side Dressings

    Italian /Balsamic / Honey Mustard / Ranch / Blue Cheese / Oil & Vinegar


  • Can of Soda or Water $1.50
  • 20 oz Bottle $2.75
  • Pappas Soda $3.00
  • 2L $3.75


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Customer Reviews

Oh, dear readers, lend me your ears, For I have embarked on a quest so dear. To Pappas Pizza in White Plains I went, A pizza joint so heavenly, my money well spent.
Edward Falu
It was hard for me to stop and take this picture because I want to devour this entire pizza. Absolutely delicious!!!!!
Jillian Wood
I got the Meatball Parm and it was good.. Highly recommend you come check it out this place out 🔥
Renee Lindsay

Take A Look At Our Dishes

We are offering a slimmed down menu compared with our original location.